Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holy family - origin

One thing I am very interested in is to learn the origin of the holy family that was the model for designing the nativity set we are discussing here. I have no answer yet.
I discussed the matter with a friend who does research in art.
Here is what he suggested:

  • Dating: the model might date back from 1410-1480 because:
    • massive, smooth halo stopped being used in 1480
    • Mary without veil used from about 1410
    • Coloured king used from about 1410
  •  Artist: northern Europe, e.g. northern Germay or Netherlands, because:
    • clothing (typical for areas north of the Alpes)
    • not typical for Italian style (e.g. lantern is too bulky)
    • secular artist, no monk: Mary is not praying
  • Original motif: probably picture of the Three Wise Men because:
    • Mary does not worship or hold the child, she is presenting the child (worshipping or holding the child is typical for a nativity-motif). So it might originate from an epiphany or adoration piece of art

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