Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holy family - origin

One thing I am very interested in is to learn the origin of the holy family that was the model for designing the nativity set we are discussing here. I have no answer yet.
I discussed the matter with a friend who does research in art.
Here is what he suggested:

  • Dating: the model might date back from 1410-1480 because:
    • massive, smooth halo stopped being used in 1480
    • Mary without veil used from about 1410
    • Coloured king used from about 1410
  •  Artist: northern Europe, e.g. northern Germay or Netherlands, because:
    • clothing (typical for areas north of the Alpes)
    • not typical for Italian style (e.g. lantern is too bulky)
    • secular artist, no monk: Mary is not praying
  • Original motif: probably picture of the Three Wise Men because:
    • Mary does not worship or hold the child, she is presenting the child (worshipping or holding the child is typical for a nativity-motif). So it might originate from an epiphany or adoration piece of art

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sears nativity set - Hong Kong

Happy New Year 2013!

This nativity set was produced in Hong Kong, production number #8130, no other markings, Note the different painting style on Joseph and the kings. Also note that little Jesus, sheep and angels are full-figure-modelled like in David Brady's nativity set, glittering on the roof. Distributed by Sears (Sears, Roebuck and Co., Chicago). Sears Stock #97141, code 7-J34. Height: 14,5 cm, width: 12 cm, condition: complete with box.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Little one with new hut version - Hong Kong

This nativity set was produced in Hong Kong, no production number, other markings: "(c)", another hut version, star and tree. Glitter on roof and base. Height: 4,5 cm, width: 6 cm, condition: complete.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Candle holder with Mary and Jesus - Western Germany

This nativity set was produced in Western Germany, no production number, other markings: "ges gesch.", there are only Mary and Jesus. This decoration item is a candle holder. Unfortunately once it partly burned. Luckily the nativity was spared. The snowy frame form around Mary and the Baby Jesus was also used for another nativity item. See here. Height: 6 cm, width: 9,5 cm, condition: complete but damaged.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All in gold - Hong Kong (Empire) #60161

Merry Christmas!

This nativity set was produced in Hong Kong which is stated by a lable glued to the back. Below the set is the description embossed: "Empire made", production number #60161, The label also states: (c) Christmas Creations Corp. '71. There is a hole through the roof with a thread attached to hang the set in the tree. The hut and the base is painted all in gold. Height: 8,5 cm, width: 9 cm, condition: complete.